Our Services

For the confidence of our clients and employees, RASEMA GEOMATICS maintains full insurance coverage for Professional Liability and General Liability.

Construction Surveys

  • Site control establishment
  • Earthworks (Tailings dams, platforms, foundations, etc)
  • Roads and railway surveys. (GEDO Trolley)
  • Concrete Civil works (Plinths, HD Bolts, formworks, etc)
  • Pipelines, conveyors and Canals
  • As-built surveys

Mining Surveys

  • Precise open pit control establishment
  • Setting out of blast patterns and exploration boreholes
  • Stockpile surveys and Haul roads
  • Face measuring and Month end volume calculations
  • Waste Dumps monitoring

Topographic Surveys

  • Digital Terrain Modelling and contour mapping
  • Site control Establishment
  • Structural deformation monitoring
  • Detail Surveys (Fence lines, sewer networks, stormwater etc)

3D Laser Surveys

  • High density 3D detail scanning
  • Aerial imaging
  • 3D Orthophoto Maps
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)
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