About Us


RASEMA GEOMATICS provides a comprehensive set of professional surveying services integrated to meet the unique challenges associated with land based projects. Our experience backed up by the state of the art equipment and designed procedures (SOP), can provide fast, efficient results which reduce machine down time and boost overall project productivity.

Construction Surveys

  • Site control establishment
  • Earthworks (Tailings dams, platforms, foundations, etc)
  • Roads and railway surveys. (GEDO Trolley)
  • Concrete Civil works (Plinths, HD Bolts, formworks, etc)
  • Pipelines, conveyors and Canals
  • As-built surveys

Mining Surveys

  • Precise open pit control establishment
  • Setting out of blast patterns and exploration boreholes
  • Stockpile surveys and Haul roads
  • Face measuring and Month end volume calculations
  • Waste Dumps monitoring

Topographic Surveys

  • Digital Terrain Modelling and contour mapping
  • Site control Establishment
  • Structural deformation monitoring
  • Detail Surveys (Fence lines, sewer networks, stormwater etc)

3D Laser Surveys

  • High density 3D detail scanning
  • Aerial imaging
  • 3D Orthophoto Maps
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)

Integrity and professional service has resulted in stable, long term relationships with our valued clients. As surveyors we contribute an in-depth understanding of specific requirements for each project and thrive to meet those needs in a manner that will ensure a successful, cost effective completion of the project. For the confidence of our clients and employees, RASEMA GEOMATICS maintains full insurance coverage for Professional Liability and General Liability.

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